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& the Enchanting Exchange
‘It was three thunderclaps from lightning, and all was eerily still on the lane. In Badger’s garden, where the Mystical Mutt had been practising his latest spectacular bowls of toast trick, nothing moved. Further along the lane, Pogo Paws and Pickle, the new joint leaders of the gang, were having a blazing row. A travelling circus had arrived in town and Pickle was not happy.’

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A Big Top has arrived on the lane with a spectacular attraction: a real live minotaur! But the minotaur wants to return home, and Pogo Paws is homesick for his childhood circus family. The minotaur’s labyrinth is in a parallel universe called Esterious, and Pogo Paws’ circus is far, far away, and to return would mean abandoning Pickle.

Can Badger, with his makeshift magic and a little help from a solar eclipse, open the portal in the Crystal Cave, and make the Enchanting Exchange happen? Or will Pickle sabotage Badger’s attempts, and make it impossible for Pogo Paws and the minotaur to ever find their way home?

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‘Badger the Mystical Mutt set to be the Top Dog of children’s books . . . a magical debut of a book’

Social Literary

‘A charming and very funny children’s story’

Diana Cooper, author of 20 books and the children’s series The Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking Kitten

‘A truly magical story which has all the hallmarks of a future children’s classic!’

Ursula James, author of The Source: A Manual of Everyday Magic

‘Funny, exciting, clever and great fun with a mystical twist’

Lomax Allwood, School Librarian

‘It's funny, and it's sweet’

‘Badger the Mystical Mutt has become a firm favourite with children beginning to read on their own’

Off the Page, Stirling Book Festival

‘Cue another dog-tastic tale of friendship, adversity and wonky magic.’

The Daily Record

‘This book is very well written and it is filled with magical, wild events and will be ideal for parents to read with their children. It is a moving and joyful story and did warm the heart of this cynical old journalist.’

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